brain storming session 1

Brain map 1


To begin brain storming ideas for this group project I created a mind map and linked all the words and phrases I associated, or thought about, when I though of the “play” theme.

At first the only thought that came to mind was to play music, rather then to play games or with toys. Although these ideas did eventually come to mind. For my first individual brain storming session I came up with a few different words and a couple of ideas, these are;


Music-  playing music as an action, or playing to create a visual and audio reaction.

Deaf chamber-  no sound, visual reaction to playing. This idea is similar to another artifact I saw on channel4’s ‘Amazing spaces: Shed of the Year”. In which a singer and an individual user are alone, in a black out box, it is designed like this so sound can be manipulated and intensified to evoke reactions from the user. ( )

Why did we stop playing, when did we stop, when (if at all) do we play?

Playing for stimulation- action of playing as a stimulant… disabled children or learning impaired individuals.


Toys, fun, games, childhood, joy-happiness, bright images,

Reader Sheds.(2014). [accessed 16 September, 2014]

Youtube.(2014) [accessed 16 September, 2014]


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