Pecha Kucha

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We had our Pecha Kucha presentations Today, well the class did, I was still so ill I was only able to present my own then leave. This means that I missed everyone else’s presentations, which I have to admit i’m a little disappointed about. I know most of the people in the class and have worked with a majority of them in the past, but there are a few new students who I would like to have seen present.

The fast pace, yet methodical style of the Pecha Kucha presentation is new to me, but I rather enjoyed it. Not being able to use words forced me to think about myself, and my skills in picture form, almost like an advertisement . It was hard at first trying to think of things to say that wouldn’t make me feel and sound like i was bragging, but then a friend made a point that I should almost be bragging becuase this would show the class that i’m proud of the work i’ve done and will continue to make more work i can be proud of. So with that in mind I did manage to finally sit down and write  out the reasons I felt i would be a good group member.

However, we did get an opportunity to do a small idea pitch in class, so that did help to narrow a field of possible group members, but I think it would be best to wait until we’ve all had a change to do our actual idea presentations in November to decide who i might like to work with.

From what i’ve seen and heard from other people I know there are going to be a few ideas i’d defiantly be interested in. I was excited to learn that people from the other class were considering doing music as well, this gave me some hope and inspiration not to give up on my original idea, of the interactive musical instrument/station.


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