Purpose of play

So we just had our 3 class and we were able to present our basic ideas for our project. I went with the second idea I developed on, the adult play zone/fort, but listening to other peoples project ideas it has really inspired me to go back to my original idea of playing music. After discussing in class what play evokes with-in us, I thought about what playing music has made me feel over the years. So again I sat down and thought about play and what it meant to me.

Play to me I still remember the emense sense of accomplishment and pride in myself when I was able to make a sound out of my instrument, to me the feelings of freedom and joy have always been associated with playing music. I would like to recreate those feelings for adults and children alike, at the same time teaching them playing music.

What is the purpose of play? To me the purpose of playing is for you to enjoy what you’re doing and be relaxed doing it. This re;eaves stress, improves heath, allows for a recharging of the batteries, which we all need to be able to approach life with a balanced outlook. Play helps us to establish social connections, escape from our mundane every-day lives, it invigorates us, it can be used as a learning town, as well as just for entertainment value. It can transport someone back to a moment in time and have them laughing on the floor, so why is something so influential no longer apart of our everyday lives? I know I neither play my instrument or just play any one… and i have to say its actually quite sad.

I had originally thought about trying to create an interactive music station, one that would have used sensors to detect to the movement of fingers to tricker a note to be played, giving the audience the experience of playing an instrument with out actually knowing how to play it. Not unlike an electrical instrument, but with more feed back so the user has an oppertunity to learn.

Examples of electronic instruments. If a real instrument could be wired to a computer, the user could not only play to make a note, but learn from the feed back given.

Examples of electronic instruments. If a real instrument could be wired to a computer, the user could not only play to make a note, but the notes could be displayed on a screen, or even appear on sheet music. Teaching notes, counts and embellishments to the music.

My over all goal for the finished product would be that a user could pick up a physically wired instrument and by simply pressing a key a note will be played, the notes will coinside with the chormatic notes of the instrument. I feel giving people an oppertunity to play an instrument could be really benifital, not only for kids begining to learn, but also for adults who think they can’t learn an instrument any more. Interacting with the musical process like that could help users learn fingers, notes and basic rhythms.

I have also begun thinking about bringing in visuals. I.e. the playing of a note would bring an image up on screen, the more notes the more images and the more images the more detailed the final picture will be, a visual representation of the music the user just played.


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