1st group meeting

For the first time today, the entire class got the opportunity to sit with their group (or to speak to others about possibly creating a group) my group was already formed, so we just set about more brain storming. We already had a basic idea from the week before that we had all taken too. The idea was for an interactive ‘play’ground that would create music as the user interacted with the objects within the playground.

As a group we just went about thinking of any and all possibilities for a playground.

The first idea was of a playground with ‘stations’ that would be different games or interactions that would allow the user to play and create music, while they learn about music from all the different stations.

The second idea was of an actual playground, in which all the different aspects of the playground,for instance the swings, slide, monkey bars etc are all wired and as the user interacts with each piece the playground and the user become the instrument.

We also tried to think of ideas, outside of the playground, I combined my idea with the idea generation we did in class the week before, ‘painting with music’, this would allow for a user to paint using music. We thought of different ways in which the music could be used to create a visual, we thought about using note scale, note length, pitch, rhythm and other musical techniques to represent different colours or different shapes to ‘paint’ a picture while they played.

As we idea generated each of the supervising lectures came around to speak to us, this was a help and a hindrance all at the same time. Although we appreciated what the lectures were saying and some were very enthusiastic about the idea and where it could go from there, I got a sense that one wasn’t as enthusiastic. Although we did get to speak to them and they did help to navigate us away from getting to stuck on one idea, before we’d really narrowed down what the project would be. It was very confusing being told to go bigger and better by one lecturer then being told to think smaller by another.


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