2nd group meeting

In our second group meeting, we discussed our running idea, the ‘Play’ground’ and it went ok. We were able to get some of our own personal thoughts and ideas about the and where it can go from here I wouldn’t say it was a very successful meeting. As we don’t have an actual agreed upon group project idea yet, we are all just coming up with more ideas that only seem to be branching out but none of them are connecting into a cohesive project that incorporates the aspects we all want. I think that the problem with that is that there are too many main aspects trying to go into this project.

As it stands the ‘play’ground could one of two installations, one that has stations that one or more users can use to create music, the other is a physical playground that when interacted with it creates music. However, now as we try to incorporate all the individual aspects to the project is has now gone to a motion, visual, sensory, interactive installation. And I can honestly say I have no idea how it will all be put together to make one cohesive project.

We did come up with a short list of possible interactions that could happen in a playground that could be made musical;

Swings = pitch, piano, flute

Slide = Chromatic scale

Rope = Chromatic scale, staff bar

Ships Wheel = changes pitch/octave

Picture squares = Match the sound/ pictures to complete the square

Musical Chairs

Dance mat

Just to add to the complexity of the madness, we thought about coordinating the music with visuals that could be projected on the walls, projections that would react to the amount of noise in the room. This then lead to an entirely too long conversation about possible themes for the visuals.

At this point I suggested (only because others in the group were losing focus, talking about roles, visuals and programming for the project) that instead of trying to focus so much on the one idea that we still hadn’t nailed down, that we might just as well begin from scratch, and come up with all new ideas that might meld all these ideas together better.

We came up with a short list of new ideas…but I think we were all just tired and frustrated with having gotten no where that we decided to call it a day. A few of the ideas we thought up were;

Creating visuals, on a stage of some kind, then having the visuals be what creates the music… i.e the music will reflect the visual

A complete installation that allows for the used to use motion to manipulate a visual and having the audio react to the both

A sensory/motion white board that would allow a user to select a scene then to drag and drop visuals into that scene, then have the scene come to live both visually and auditory.

The last was of a hugh motion sensored room, in which the human body becomes the paint brush.


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