Group Formation

After our Pecha Kucha presentations, we all had a basic idea of what we might want to do for our projects, or at the very least an generally area in which we would like to work in, I still want to work in the Audio area. To help us to narrow down are field, in class we all got into groups based only on the area we wanted to work in, not our own personal ideas. I found this is be immensely helpful, as I said before I wasn’t even a wear their was others interested in doing audio, and i’m sure there must have been others in the class who felt the same way. Plus it was just interesting to see what areas were being covered and different yet unilateral ideas that have weaved in and out of all class.

There was only four people who were interested in doing an audio based project, myself, Raymond, Lauren and David. With all of us having played, studied or just have a passion for music in one form or another, we decided that since we were the only people in the class interested in doing that we should just go ahead already and form a group. I am delighted about my group, I have personally worked with each one and have even worked with combinations of the three of the years in other projects. I know they are all passionate about the topic, hard working and willing to committee to getting a great, well produced project up and running.

Once we had decided that we could work in a group together we spent the rest of the class to brain storm around the area of audio, in the short hour we were in the class we managed to come up with so many new and verifying ideas.

This is the first initial brain storm the group did as a whole. It combines all of our ideas, as well as new ones we just came up with together.

This is the first initial brain storm the group did as a whole. It combines all of our ideas, as well as new ones we just came up with together.

Some of the new, combined ideas include;

An audio visual white noise room

Musical chairs

Musical ropes

An interactive white board (where music can be drawn onto a staff bar, then played once completed)

A musical rubix cube

‘Live’ conducting an orchestra

Musical ‘dance’ mats

Music theory game that teaches while you play

LARGE SCALE musical hide and seek

A ‘playground’ that creates music when you interact with it

However, the more ideas we came up with the more confused and ungrounded they became, so with the help of a lecturer we were able to nail down the keys aspects that we felt were the most import to us. We came up with a short ,but concise, bullet point list of aspects we knew we wanted in the project.

Collaborative/Team Work

Music creation

Play through music


Physical Object

Interactive (with unexpected outcome)



Visual & Audio

After the formation of the group and just being able to brain storm with others who are interested in the same generally idea as me I have to say i’m excited to see what will happen now. We are no where near nailing down an idea, but at least at this point I knew I am working with others I know and trust, doing a project in an area we are all interested in, and I can’t wait to begin creating something imaginative, fun, and creative… something that hopefully hasn’t been seen before!


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