New idea generation (Late submission 9/10/2014)

In our project management class we got an opportunity to sit and talk to everyone else in the class about their ideas, then we had to try to form a new idea from a combination of each of our own ideas. I found this to be a great brain storming idea! Although it was very hectic in the class, being able to speak to each other in such an informal manner, yet still in depth, about our ideas was great.

The more I had to explain my own personal idea to people the more it seemed to cement the idea in my own mind, I mean i knew what I wanted to do, but explaining it over and over again forces you to think about it in different ways.Being forced to combine that idea with another, one that might not be even remotely related to it, also forced me to think about my project in new and different was… and I don’t just mean in relation to combining it with another project, but just as it stands on its own.

Being asked about how it would/could work made me think about ways I could improve upon a certain aspect, for example, someone asked me if they would be able to keep a visual or audio clip of their interaction, this brought in an entirely new aspect to the project, as I hadn’t previous thought very much about the user being able to take a physical token from their interaction, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense that someone who want to keep a token of their musical play.

Some of the new ideas we came up with are;

Audio/Visual drawing room

Painting visuals with an instrument, or with sound clips

Painting the weather with audio

Creating visuals with sound that can be over laid or combined to create a unique image

Combining audio and colour for a ‘fun’ run T-shirt

Logical mind games based on counting music notes

Using audio (or visual) as a controller for a learning game

Audio roller skate park, audio would reflect the movement on the roller skates

Live action or animated playing with music… i.e have preloaded situations in which you can add in new audio to create an new or different environment

Game room, audio and interactive

Interactive musical game, not unlike guitar hero

Instrument shaped dance mats that play as you interact with them


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