First draft narrative

As well as taking on the role as scribe for the group meetings I also wrote up a first draft of the narrative.

The basic narrative of the project is that the user is a diver, exploring the sea in the hopes of finding a sunken ship and the treasure hidden within, the use will interact with the media using motion sensors to guide themselves around the depths of the ocean.

The user will will begin on beach, then walk into the sea, once in the sea the user will use a swimming motion to move ahead. As they swim they will encounter and interact with sea creatures as well as sea plants. Some of these interactions include:

  • Swimming through a school of fish
  • Swimming up to view the water from the bottom view
  • Swimming down to view the bottom of the ocean
  • Swimming down to view swim through sea weed
  • Stop swimming when a shark can be seen to make him go away
  • Swim around to explore the ship
  • Open the treasure chest

All these interactions will trigger more then just visual changes on the screen, lighting and audio changes to increase the subversive experience.


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