Minutes of group meeting 11/11/2014

As our group progresses we have established a weekly group meeting on Mondays, I have taken on the role as scribe for the minutes of the meetings.

Raymond, Lauren and myself attended this group meeting on the 11th of Nov. and we discussed aspects risen by our lecturers after we had with them in our group project management class. Some of the ideas we spoke about include:

  • Possibility of a narrative
  • Target Audience- More specific demographic
  • What will be the motions- Walk or Swim
  • How many people will be in the room at one time?
  • What style of visuals will we use?
  • Come up with a definition of what is our project.
  • How will the user enter the room, will the motion start upon entry?
  • If the motion starts upon entry how will the user know what motion to do?
  • What is the narrative?
  • Possible options to create audio.

We spoke about these topic at length and decided that:

  • We would include a narrative. The narrative would be a first person experience of a diver exploring the water to find a sunken ship.
  • The target audience has not be confirmed but we are thinking of an age group between 8-12, but it is appropriate for all ages.
  • The motion the user will do is a swimming motion.
  • We are not going to use a realistic style, a graphic style but not cartoonish.
  • To start the interaction the user will be introduced with a short introduction video.
  • Audio will be recorded, manipulated or created using protools, we are going for a serene water sound with some intermittent whale noises and waves crashing.

We will continue to develop on the idea for our group meeting next week, all changes agreed upon will be made to the first draft of our group presentation.


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