Possible audio for project

As the group we have all begun to research our own individual roles for the project, as I am in charge of Audio, I began to research possible audio that we could record or create in protools to use in the project. I made a short list of possible sounds that would suit the environment, however as we aren’t very far along in the project I can’t develop on all possible audio. The list of audio I have come up with so far goes as:

  • Ambiant water noises
  • Waves crashing on waves
  • Waves crashing on beach
  • Waves crashing on rocks
  • Water splashing
  • Water bubbles
  • Whale noises

Here are some games that I have found that have good background audio, although some have music we have’t decided at the moment wether we will have music in the audio or not so all these links are for ambient or special effect audio.

Ambiant water noises

Whale song

Waves crashing

Waves crashing on rocks




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