Presentation prepreation

As a group we are now on the 6th draft for our presentation. Although Lauren, as the project manager, has taken on the main roll for putting the presentation together each one of the group members we’re responsible for researching and sourcing information about their individual aspects with in the project.

I wrote a few bullet points on the slide to summarize what I’ll be doing as the audio engineer, but I also researched methods and tips for recording, both indoor and outdoor.

As well as research I sourced some sample sounds to use in the presentation to give the audience an example of the sounds that will be recorded or created then layer together to create a full audio track.

This is our most up to date version of our presentation, however there are still a few individual aspects that need t be added in by different members of the group.


We are running through the presentation Today as group to practice the timing and flow of the presentation, but we will continue to work on it until we feel its done to an acceptable standard.


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