Research into how to create audio

To begin researching how to create the audio tracks, I started looking through Protools and Midi tutorials online. I did this because although I feel comfortable working in Protools, I wanted to refresh the material and begin figuring out different ways we could record the water sounds.

This first video is a step by step guide to using a keyboard and garage-band to record, although I wont be using garage-band, I still found it to be a helpful video for the basic set up.

This second video is about manipulating beats with in Protools.

As well as looking at online tutorials, I also read through some articles for tips or tricks for good audio recording.

Some of the most helpful tips include:

  • To record high-quality location sound the right type of microphone is of the utmost importance- ultra-directional for external locations, directional (shorter) for interiors, and non-directional for cramped interiors.
  • Shoot several takes of every set up- No matter how well you think the sound was, always have options to choose from.
  • Record at least 30 seconds of ambient sound- You never know when you’ll need it
  • Adjust all you’re setting and levels before you being recording and RE-CHECK you’re levels before you being to record anything new. *Note that levels can change between one take and the next depending on the external environment. 


This website has a vast array of video tutorials for sound and sound record.


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