Yesterday we had our group presentations, although it got off to a rocky start with Ray falling ill, we managed to pull it all together just in the nick of time. The lecturers were kind enough to allow to go change our presentation time in order to allow Ray to leave early.

I wasn’t worried about having to change the time of the presentation as I felt we were well prepared and had already individually, and as a group, practiced the presentation. The change of time also meant that I was never able to become nervous. When the presentation started we were just so relieved to be able to do our presentation together as a group on the day that we just drove head first into it with out any hesitation.

The presentation had a whole new look and flow to it, Raymond and Lauren spent the better half of the weekend condensing and redesigning the presentation. A script was even written to give each group member an idea of what to say to get all the information across, with out sounding like they were waffling.

When the presentation was over we got really helpful feedback  from the lecturers. The feedback was mostly about us being able to justify certain aspects of the project, as well as just nailing down definite specific aspects about the project. Some of the things mentioned by the lecturers include;

  • Justify our target audience
  • Nail down a graphic style
  • Justify these graphics to the target audience
  • Research more and nail down which softwares will be used

When it came to answering question posed by the lecturers I felt we each did a good job of answering questions about the project as a whole as well as our individual group roles.

I was asked a question about the actual audio samples I would be creating and who I could create these. Having researched some tutorials before hand I knew the answer and was happy with the answer I gave. I felt it described the process without waffling on and making it sound like I was unsure about how to answer to question.

As a whole I feel really good about how the presentation went. My group worked very had to come up with a good, well researched idea, that we feel we can create to a high quality that will be enjoyable for all who experience it and I think that came across in our presentation.


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