Yesterday we had our group presentations, although it got off to a rocky start with Ray falling ill, we managed to pull it all together just in the nick of time. The lecturers were kind enough to allow to go change our presentation time in order to allow Ray to leave early.

I wasn’t worried about having to change the time of the presentation as I felt we were well prepared and had already individually, and as a group, practiced the presentation. The change of time also meant that I was never able to become nervous. When the presentation started we were just so relieved to be able to do our presentation together as a group on the day that we just drove head first into it with out any hesitation.

The presentation had a whole new look and flow to it, Raymond and Lauren spent the better half of the weekend condensing and redesigning the presentation. A script was even written to give each group member an idea of what to say to get all the information across, with out sounding like they were waffling.

When the presentation was over we got really helpful feedback  from the lecturers. The feedback was mostly about us being able to justify certain aspects of the project, as well as just nailing down definite specific aspects about the project. Some of the things mentioned by the lecturers include;

  • Justify our target audience
  • Nail down a graphic style
  • Justify these graphics to the target audience
  • Research more and nail down which softwares will be used

When it came to answering question posed by the lecturers I felt we each did a good job of answering questions about the project as a whole as well as our individual group roles.

I was asked a question about the actual audio samples I would be creating and who I could create these. Having researched some tutorials before hand I knew the answer and was happy with the answer I gave. I felt it described the process without waffling on and making it sound like I was unsure about how to answer to question.

As a whole I feel really good about how the presentation went. My group worked very had to come up with a good, well researched idea, that we feel we can create to a high quality that will be enjoyable for all who experience it and I think that came across in our presentation.


Presentation prepreation

As a group we are now on the 6th draft for our presentation. Although Lauren, as the project manager, has taken on the main roll for putting the presentation together each one of the group members we’re responsible for researching and sourcing information about their individual aspects with in the project.

I wrote a few bullet points on the slide to summarize what I’ll be doing as the audio engineer, but I also researched methods and tips for recording, both indoor and outdoor.

As well as research I sourced some sample sounds to use in the presentation to give the audience an example of the sounds that will be recorded or created then layer together to create a full audio track.

This is our most up to date version of our presentation, however there are still a few individual aspects that need t be added in by different members of the group.


We are running through the presentation Today as group to practice the timing and flow of the presentation, but we will continue to work on it until we feel its done to an acceptable standard.


Research into how to create audio

To begin researching how to create the audio tracks, I started looking through Protools and Midi tutorials online. I did this because although I feel comfortable working in Protools, I wanted to refresh the material and begin figuring out different ways we could record the water sounds.

This first video is a step by step guide to using a keyboard and garage-band to record, although I wont be using garage-band, I still found it to be a helpful video for the basic set up.

This second video is about manipulating beats with in Protools.

As well as looking at online tutorials, I also read through some articles for tips or tricks for good audio recording.

Some of the most helpful tips include:

  • To record high-quality location sound the right type of microphone is of the utmost importance- ultra-directional for external locations, directional (shorter) for interiors, and non-directional for cramped interiors.
  • Shoot several takes of every set up- No matter how well you think the sound was, always have options to choose from.
  • Record at least 30 seconds of ambient sound- You never know when you’ll need it
  • Adjust all you’re setting and levels before you being recording and RE-CHECK you’re levels before you being to record anything new. *Note that levels can change between one take and the next depending on the external environment. 


This website has a vast array of video tutorials for sound and sound record.


Possible audio for project

As the group we have all begun to research our own individual roles for the project, as I am in charge of Audio, I began to research possible audio that we could record or create in protools to use in the project. I made a short list of possible sounds that would suit the environment, however as we aren’t very far along in the project I can’t develop on all possible audio. The list of audio I have come up with so far goes as:

  • Ambiant water noises
  • Waves crashing on waves
  • Waves crashing on beach
  • Waves crashing on rocks
  • Water splashing
  • Water bubbles
  • Whale noises

Here are some games that I have found that have good background audio, although some have music we have’t decided at the moment wether we will have music in the audio or not so all these links are for ambient or special effect audio.

Ambiant water noises

Whale song

Waves crashing

Waves crashing on rocks




First draft narrative

As well as taking on the role as scribe for the group meetings I also wrote up a first draft of the narrative.

The basic narrative of the project is that the user is a diver, exploring the sea in the hopes of finding a sunken ship and the treasure hidden within, the use will interact with the media using motion sensors to guide themselves around the depths of the ocean.

The user will will begin on beach, then walk into the sea, once in the sea the user will use a swimming motion to move ahead. As they swim they will encounter and interact with sea creatures as well as sea plants. Some of these interactions include:

  • Swimming through a school of fish
  • Swimming up to view the water from the bottom view
  • Swimming down to view the bottom of the ocean
  • Swimming down to view swim through sea weed
  • Stop swimming when a shark can be seen to make him go away
  • Swim around to explore the ship
  • Open the treasure chest

All these interactions will trigger more then just visual changes on the screen, lighting and audio changes to increase the subversive experience.


Minutes of group meeting 11/11/2014

As our group progresses we have established a weekly group meeting on Mondays, I have taken on the role as scribe for the minutes of the meetings.

Raymond, Lauren and myself attended this group meeting on the 11th of Nov. and we discussed aspects risen by our lecturers after we had with them in our group project management class. Some of the ideas we spoke about include:

  • Possibility of a narrative
  • Target Audience- More specific demographic
  • What will be the motions- Walk or Swim
  • How many people will be in the room at one time?
  • What style of visuals will we use?
  • Come up with a definition of what is our project.
  • How will the user enter the room, will the motion start upon entry?
  • If the motion starts upon entry how will the user know what motion to do?
  • What is the narrative?
  • Possible options to create audio.

We spoke about these topic at length and decided that:

  • We would include a narrative. The narrative would be a first person experience of a diver exploring the water to find a sunken ship.
  • The target audience has not be confirmed but we are thinking of an age group between 8-12, but it is appropriate for all ages.
  • The motion the user will do is a swimming motion.
  • We are not going to use a realistic style, a graphic style but not cartoonish.
  • To start the interaction the user will be introduced with a short introduction video.
  • Audio will be recorded, manipulated or created using protools, we are going for a serene water sound with some intermittent whale noises and waves crashing.

We will continue to develop on the idea for our group meeting next week, all changes agreed upon will be made to the first draft of our group presentation.


New idea generation (Late submission 9/10/2014)

In our project management class we got an opportunity to sit and talk to everyone else in the class about their ideas, then we had to try to form a new idea from a combination of each of our own ideas. I found this to be a great brain storming idea! Although it was very hectic in the class, being able to speak to each other in such an informal manner, yet still in depth, about our ideas was great.

The more I had to explain my own personal idea to people the more it seemed to cement the idea in my own mind, I mean i knew what I wanted to do, but explaining it over and over again forces you to think about it in different ways.Being forced to combine that idea with another, one that might not be even remotely related to it, also forced me to think about my project in new and different was… and I don’t just mean in relation to combining it with another project, but just as it stands on its own.

Being asked about how it would/could work made me think about ways I could improve upon a certain aspect, for example, someone asked me if they would be able to keep a visual or audio clip of their interaction, this brought in an entirely new aspect to the project, as I hadn’t previous thought very much about the user being able to take a physical token from their interaction, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense that someone who want to keep a token of their musical play.

Some of the new ideas we came up with are;

Audio/Visual drawing room

Painting visuals with an instrument, or with sound clips

Painting the weather with audio

Creating visuals with sound that can be over laid or combined to create a unique image

Combining audio and colour for a ‘fun’ run T-shirt

Logical mind games based on counting music notes

Using audio (or visual) as a controller for a learning game

Audio roller skate park, audio would reflect the movement on the roller skates

Live action or animated playing with music… i.e have preloaded situations in which you can add in new audio to create an new or different environment

Game room, audio and interactive

Interactive musical game, not unlike guitar hero

Instrument shaped dance mats that play as you interact with them